Birth Of A Galaxy

Floating in Space, Aware of My Being. Enveloped in Time. The Epitome of Freeing. Dark Matter Cradles, My Very Existence. The Mother Of Time, At Its Purest Essence. I Feel a Pull, So I Look Around. But Nothing’s There. Just an Echoing Sound. Stronger and Stronger, The Pull Seems to Be. A Massive Eye Emerges,… Continue reading Birth Of A Galaxy

Fiery Skin

There Once Was a Girl, With Fiery Skin.. Smoldering Eyes.. Through an Innocent Grin. Curious and Daring, With the Poise of a Ram, She Charged Her Environment, But Was Met with a Slam. Her Fire Shut Doors.. She was Seen as Too Much, As Her Blind Intensity, Burned Those Within Touch. Then Cruel Acts From… Continue reading Fiery Skin

History Depicted

Have You Ever Looked at The Foundation, On Which You Stand? Ask What Was It’s Intention? How Was It Planned? Have You Ever Challenged.. It’s Old Conceptions? Found the Answers Outdated.. And So Many Questions? What Went Into Making It? Who Built the Pillars? Who Orchestrated the Thought? Who Purchased the Builders? Everything You’ve Been… Continue reading History Depicted

To Evade Death Is To Evade Life

Death Comes in Many Forms, No End is Absolute. Sometimes a Cycle Must Die, To Thoroughly Uproot. To Evade Death is to Evade Life, One Thing That’s Been Quite Clear. A Life Lived Without Any Change, Has Everything to Fear. For Death Can Happen In Any Moment, Sometimes It Can Be Quite Rife. Death is… Continue reading To Evade Death Is To Evade Life

Wisdom of Water

Birthed From The Stars, Her Energy Does Flow. Through Time and Space, She Tells Us To Let Go. Her Whispers Give Life, To All Who Are Open. As Gentle As A Stream, If Only We Listen. Her Energy Rests, In Rivers and Creeks. And Comes Alive, As Waves, To Speak. She’s a Shapeshifter, Always Transforming.… Continue reading Wisdom of Water