Birth Of A Galaxy

Floating in Space, Aware of My Being. Enveloped in Time. The Epitome of Freeing. Dark Matter Cradles, My Very Existence. The Mother Of Time, At Its Purest Essence. I Feel a Pull, So I Look Around. But Nothing’s There. Just an Echoing Sound. Stronger and Stronger, The Pull Seems to Be. A Massive Eye Emerges,… Continue reading Birth Of A Galaxy

A Reflective Projection

I Look in the Mirror, I See My Reflection. Or Maybe I’m Just, A Collective Projection? I See Me in You, And in All that I Meet. At Times It’s Scary, Sometimes It’s Sweet. We’re a Vibratory Piece, Of All Our Interactions. Thus Forming a Whole; A Self-Realization. We’re a Single Component, In this Endless… Continue reading A Reflective Projection