Recollection #2

She lie dead on the side walk.. Her friend stood screaming over her body, as the panicked crowd remained parted on either side of the street. I stared through the bar window at her red shoes, just waiting for them to twitch—anything to show she was still alive. But the seconds went by, her friend’s… Continue reading Recollection #2

The Intrinsic Escape

When I was Young, I Always Felt a Need to Flee, A Need to Escape, To Leave this Reality. I Would Go Within, To Places Far and Wide, Swim Through the Depths, Look for Places to Hide. This Worked for Some Time, Then I Started to Grow, I Looked for Other Ways to Escape, Other… Continue reading The Intrinsic Escape

Candle In The Window

Four Souls.. Snatched in the Night. Four Families.. Left without Light. Four Lives Lost Their Shine.. Yet Four Candles Now Arise. I See a Candle in the Window.. While a Dove Perches Nearby. You were the First to Leave.. My Oldest Friend.. My Second Brother.. I Denied You’d Gone. The Wounds’ Still Deep.. The Pain… Continue reading Candle In The Window