Reclamation Of Power

A Contract Lay Before You, Of a Healthy Self-Notion; Setting Down the Foundation, Of An Inner Promotion. It Lay Claim To Your Power. A Desicion Past Due. For There are Those, Who’d Happily Take It from You. With Words as Your Shield, As Ticks the Last Hour. It’s a Binding Decree- It’s Your Reclamation of… Continue reading Reclamation Of Power

Hand Of Dictation

For Years She Was Silenced, Resentfully Unaware.. Of the Power She Held, Within Her Care. As She Awakened This Power, Others Saw Its Use. They Siphoned This Energy, Said it Wasn’t Abuse. They Directed Her Power, Where They Saw Fit, Not Caring if It Hurt, Or if She Even Wanted It. But As She Opened… Continue reading Hand Of Dictation

A Reflective Projection

I Look in the Mirror, I See My Reflection. Or Maybe I’m Just, A Collective Projection? I See Me in You, And in All that I Meet. At Times It’s Scary, Sometimes It’s Sweet. We’re a Vibratory Piece, Of All Our Interactions. Thus Forming a Whole; A Self-Realization. We’re a Single Component, In this Endless… Continue reading A Reflective Projection

The Sun’s Tower

The Sun Was Hurting, Her Pain Was Evident. So She Built a Wall, She Felt Too Delicate. She Trapped Her Light, Behind These Bricks. She Hid Her Vulnerability, From Man’s Harsh Grip. She Built Her Tower, To Mimic Her Mask. She Was Everything For Everyone, She Did Everything She Was Asked. Though She Spent Too… Continue reading The Sun’s Tower

Silent Distress

Racing Heart. Shallow Breath. Invisible Fog. Living Death. Limbic Tension. Tormented Eyes. Impending Doom. None The Wise. Silent Pain. Faking Calm. No Escape. Imploding Bomb. Too Sensitive. Too Aware. I Think I’m Dying. Does Anyone Care? Fleeting Seconds. Eternal Hour. No End In Sight. Time Devoured. “I’m Okay.” I’m Really Not. “I’m Just Tired.” I… Continue reading Silent Distress

Dear Moonflower

Her Roots Run Deep, Past the Depths of Her Soul. While Her Heart Tunes In, Where No Men Dare Go. She Longs to Give Love, She Waits to Be Woken. But Only Those Patient, Will Receive Her Token. She’s Like a Moonflower, She Awakes With the Moon. At Dawn, Her Petals Close, Just a Few… Continue reading Dear Moonflower