Lucid Darkness

Evil has Webs, Long and Frail. It Slithers and Sneaks, Under the Veil. It Finds Easy Targets, And Crawls Right In. It Makes You Feel Justified, In Letting it Flow Within. But This is a Trick, Clever and Cruel. Without You, It has No Power to Move. You Feed the Energy, Whether Light or Dark.… Continue reading Lucid Darkness

A Walk Through Shelby Farms

I went for a walk through Shelby Farms with my brother a few weeks ago and had forgotten how beautiful this place is. It’s one of the largest urban parks in the U.S at 4,500 acres. I’m really lucky to have this place right in my backyard. If you love nature and are ever in… Continue reading A Walk Through Shelby Farms

Wisdom of Water

Birthed From The Stars, Her Energy Does Flow. Through Time and Space, She Tells Us To Let Go. Her Whispers Give Life, To All Who Are Open. As Gentle As A Stream, If Only We Listen. Her Energy Rests, In Rivers and Creeks. And Comes Alive, As Waves, To Speak. She’s a Shapeshifter, Always Transforming.… Continue reading Wisdom of Water

A Deeper Look: Moddi

I really wanted to share some music that has meant a lot to me in my life, and the first person I thought of was Moddi. He’s brought me through some dark patches and am really thankful for his existence. He’s got quite a beautiful soul and it shines out through every song he sings.… Continue reading A Deeper Look: Moddi

White Wolf Reborn

In the Beginning, My Fur was White. Then Age Crept In, My Fur Grew Darker. It Went from White, to Grey, to Brown, to Black. I Became An Eye in the Darkness, a Seer of Light. I Hid from That Light, For a Long, Long Time. Gained Insight and Knowledge, Witnessed Universal Plight. One day… Continue reading White Wolf Reborn