Birth Of A Galaxy

Floating in Space,
Aware of My Being.
Enveloped in Time.
The Epitome of Freeing.

Dark Matter Cradles,
My Very Existence.
The Mother Of Time,
At Its Purest Essence.

I Feel a Pull,
So I Look Around.
But Nothing’s There.
Just an Echoing Sound.

Stronger and Stronger,
The Pull Seems to Be.
A Massive Eye Emerges,
And It’s Staring at Me.

It’s Lure is Magnetic.
I Can’t Resist.
So I Surrender Unto,
It’s Pulsing Midst.

I’m Pulled Inside,
Where Time Stands Still.
The Rest of the Cosmos,
Flashing By—Distilled.

It Lasted But a Moment,
Or Possibly an Eternity..
Though it’s All the Same.
It Carries the Same Frequency.

I Emerge Back in Time.
Into that Infinite Darkness.
The Birth of Creation—
An Energy Harnessed.

My Body Disperses,
As I Begin to Spin.
A Swirling Vortex,
Spilling Out from Within.

The Essence of My Soul,
Reflected Through Color.
As My Many Parts,
Spread Out in Wonder.

As They Begin to Expand,
Their Energy Unfurls.
Joining into Clusters.
Creating New Worlds.

These Worlds Create Systems,
And Nurture New Growth.
Life Within Life,
As Above, So Below.



(Written January 12, 2018.) I wrote this based on a dream I had. I told it from the perspective from which I saw and felt everything.


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