Fiery Skin

There Once Was a Girl,
With Fiery Skin..
Smoldering Eyes..
Through an Innocent Grin.

Curious and Daring,
With the Poise of a Ram,
She Charged Her Environment,
But Was Met with a Slam.

Her Fire Shut Doors..
She was Seen as Too Much,
As Her Blind Intensity,
Burned Those Within Touch.

Then Cruel Acts From Bullies,
That She Didn’t Understand..
Was She Doing Something Wrong..?
She Just Wanted to be Friends..

A Pain Struck Her Heart..
Why Couldn’t She Fit In?
So She Buried This Girl,
Deep Below Her Skin.

She Hid Her Flame,
And Put On a Mask.
She Quieted Her Roar,
..And Made Friends At Last.

She Blent In to Every Group,
Became Liked in Every Scene.
But All She Really Was..
Was a Shifting Smoke Screen.

The Mirrors Were Cruel.
They asked, “Who’ve You Become?”
They Disproved the Escape,
Of the Girl She Ran From.

Many Years Went By,
As Confusion Crept In..
The Only Depth She Attained,
..Was a Lonely Reflection.

So She Began a Search..
Desperate for the Truth..
She Followed Her Instincts,
Which Led Back to Her Youth.

..Her Soul Then Ignited..
Burning Off The Layers;
It Gave Her Clear Vision,
And Singed Her Naysayers.

She Looked At Her Cage,
It Was All an Illusion..
So She Picked Up Her Sword,
And End the Confusion.

She Roared Fiercely–
Her Skin Ablaze.
Her Sword at the Ready–
She’ll Never Again Be Caged.



(Written October 14, 2017.) You don’t need to be anything more or less than who you are—Anything else is an illusion.


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