What Is Reality?

Your Reality And My Reality,
Have Two Different Eyes.
Your Experiences Become Your Thoughts,
As So Does Mine.

So How Do We Know,
What Reality Is..
If We’re Both Having Our Own,
Unique Experiences?

What’s Real to You,
May Not Be Real for Me..
So Where Do We Stand?
How Do We Agree?

Is Reality Something,
We’ve Just Been Taught..
To Conform To a Solo,
Realm of Thought?

Is It Something Our Eyes,
Have Been Trained To See?
A Perception We’re Prescribed,
And Have Adapted To Be?

I Don’t Know About You..
But I See with My Mind..
And What I See Is..
Our Realities Confined.

Delicately Moulded..
To Conform to a Space..
Is this Really in Our Best Interest?
To Be Continuously Displaced?

To Not Think For Ourselves..
To Feel We Have to Give In..
If Our Thoughts Don’t Align,
With the Majority of Them..

But This is the “Reality”..
That Lay Before Us..
If Your Realm of Thought Differs..
You’ve Become Superfluous.

..Or Maybe that’s What See..
When Someone Doesn’t Conform..
A Group Incentive..
To Put You Back in Uniform.

..Or Maybe They’re Scared,
If You Think For Yourself..
Because They Don’t Understand..
How to Do It Themselves?

If We’re Going to Evolve Higher,
As a Human Race..
Then We Need to Allow Each Other,
To Really Know Their Own Space.



(Written October 1, 2017). Don’t conform your thoughts just because it doesn’t fit into another’s box of reality.


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