Our True Nature

She Arrives With the Wind-
Her Hair Electric.
She Resembles a Storm,
She’s Powerful–Magnetic.

She Stands in Her Power,
She Knows Her Strength.
She Resonates Intensely,
With Her Own Wavelength.

When She Sees Illusion,
She’s No Time For It’s Games.
She Unsheathes Her Tongue,
She Sets Her Aim.

She Wields Her Words,
Like a Sharpened Sword.
Piercing and Deep-
She Isn’t Ignored.

She’s a Force to Be Reckoned.
Deception Runs Scared.
For Where Her Blade Lands,
It’ll Surely Impair.

As She Splits the Veil,
She Awakes Some Truth.
Upon Unhinging Illusion,
She Appears Uncouth.

She Stands Her Ground.
She Won’t Be Shaken.
She is What She Is.
That Can’t Be Taken.

When Unveiling the Phantom,
She Reveals Our Delusion.
Our Reality Amiss..
Who is This Woman?

She’s Our True Nature.
Our Righting of Wrongs.
She’s the Warrior that Whispers,
Deep in Our Bones.

She’s Our Longing for Justice,
Our Need for Truth.
Our Will to Speak Up,
She Isn’t Here to Soothe.

Her Heart is Restless.
She’s Ready for Peace.
Though Until We’ve Gained Victory..
..She Refuses to Sleep.




(Written Sept. 25, 2017) Awake the Power Coiled Within.

~Part ONE: https://thewakingfjord.wordpress.com/2017/09/25/hand-of-dictation/
~Part TWO: https://thewakingfjord.wordpress.com/2017/09/27/reclamation-of-power/


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