Bound To Density

My Spirit Beckoned,
By a Weightless Call.
To Dance With the Stars.
..To Leave It All.

To Be Free of My Binds,
To This Lawful Density.
And Watch It All,
From My True Propensity.

This World is Madness..
I Wondered Why I’d Come..
Why I’ve Continued to Struggle..
Why I Haven’t Succumb..

Do I Play in the Heavens?
Or Come Back Down to Earth?
Do I Watch from Above?
Or Do I Warm This Hearth?

Questions Now Answered.
I’ve Found My Purpose.
I No Longer Need,
To Hide From the Surface.

I Can Play in the Cosmos,
As Well as on Land.
Tune In with Frequencies-
Whichever One’s in Demand.

I’m Bound in Density,
It’s No Longer My Hell.
A Once Conscious Free-Form,
Now Able to Help.

This World is in Need,
It’s Call More Desperate,
For Warriors to Stand,
To Become Receptive.

Our Species Endowed,
With the Most Opportunity.
We Have the Ultimate Say,
When We Gather in Unity.

So What Will Be Said,
When We’ve Gone too Far?
Or Will We Even Care,
And Just Move on to Mars?

This Won’t Solve Any Problems,
Only Continue a Cycle..
Of the Destructiveness of Man..
We’ve Become Archetypal…..



(Written on September 28, 2017) Will we learn?


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