A Reflective Projection

I Look in the Mirror,
I See My Reflection.
Or Maybe I’m Just,
A Collective Projection?

I See Me in You,
And in All that I Meet.
At Times It’s Scary,
Sometimes It’s Sweet.

We’re a Vibratory Piece,
Of All Our Interactions.
Thus Forming a Whole;
A Self-Realization.

We’re a Single Component,
In this Endless Totality.
No Matter How Small-
We Form Our Reality.

Like Shooting Neurons,
We’ve All Been Assigned.
A Systematic Network,
In Some Other Being’s Mind.

Compare Our Universe,
To A Baby’s First Breath.
A Collision of Energy,
An Awakening of Self.

Do We Know Anything?
Or Maybe Just Something?
Are We Everything?
Or Possibly Nothing?

So Many Questions..
My Mind Might Burst.
As These Cosmic Waters,
Keep Me Submerged.

The Center of the Universe,
Lies Deep in Your Eyes.
Take a Look in the Mirror,
It’s Where Galaxies Lie.



Written on July 27, 2017. -Just pondering the universe.


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