The Sun’s Tower

The Sun Was Hurting,
Her Pain Was Evident.
So She Built a Wall,
She Felt Too Delicate.

She Trapped Her Light,
Behind These Bricks.
She Hid Her Vulnerability,
From Man’s Harsh Grip.

She Built Her Tower,
To Mimic Her Mask.
She Was Everything For Everyone,
She Did Everything She Was Asked.

Though She Spent Too Long,
Behind These Walls.
She Started Believing,
This Was All She Was.

Her Light Grew Cold,
At Times Barely Lit.
She Screams in the Night.
She Wants To End It.

One Answer She Pondered,
Was Painfully Dark.
But Now Another Answer,
Has Ignited A Spark.

She Can See Herself Free,
Shining Her Light.
Tearing Down Her Walls;
She Is Full and Bright.

She’s Her Highest Self,
She’s Fully Authentic.
She Let Go of Her Shame;
She’s Unapologetic.

This is What She Needs,
She Sees The Answer.
Now It’s Up To Her,
She Is Her Own Master.

So Inside Her Tower,
She Ramps Up The Heat.
She Stirs The Fires,
She’s Ready to Compete.

It’s a Fight For Her Life.
She Won’t Give Up.
She’ll Burn It Down.
She Knows She’s Enough.



(Written on July 23rd & 24th.) Leo New Moon.


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