Silent Distress

Racing Heart.
Shallow Breath.
Invisible Fog.
Living Death.

Limbic Tension.
Tormented Eyes.
Impending Doom.
None The Wise.

Silent Pain.
Faking Calm.
No Escape.
Imploding Bomb.

Too Sensitive.
Too Aware.
I Think I’m Dying.
Does Anyone Care?

Fleeting Seconds.
Eternal Hour.
No End In Sight.
Time Devoured.

“I’m Okay.”
I’m Really Not.
“I’m Just Tired.”
I Don’t Want To Talk.

Time To Leave.
Serotonin Smile.
Hurried Goodbyes.
I’m Off Trial.

A Sudden Ease.
A Full Breath.
A Twinge Of Guilt.
Now Time To Rest.



(Written July 3, 2017.) – Living with Social Anxiety.


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