Dear Moonflower

Her Roots Run Deep,
Past the Depths of Her Soul.
While Her Heart Tunes In,
Where No Men Dare Go.

She Longs to Give Love,
She Waits to Be Woken.
But Only Those Patient,
Will Receive Her Token.

She’s Like a Moonflower,
She Awakes With the Moon.
At Dawn, Her Petals Close,
Just a Few Will See Her Bloom.

Even When Closed,
Her Beauty Astounds.
But Fall in Love Here,
You’ll Fall to the Ground.

As She Begins to Unravel,
She Forms a Star.
Come Closer to Her,
She’s Trust You Thus Far.

In the Light of the Moon,
Breathe In Her Essence.
Feel Her Entirety,
Feel Her Presence.

Awaken Her Soul,
Words Deeply Spoken.
Penetrate Her Heart,
Become Interwoven.

She’ll Graft Her Roots,
Enmesh Them With Yours.
Embrace Her Wounds,
She’s Yours Forevermore.

(Written June 1, 2017)


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