To Evade Death Is To Evade Life

Death Comes in Many Forms,
No End is Absolute.
Sometimes a Cycle Must Die,
To Thoroughly Uproot.

To Evade Death is to Evade Life,
One Thing That’s Been Quite Clear.
A Life Lived Without Any Change,
Has Everything to Fear.

For Death Can Happen In Any Moment,
Sometimes It Can Be Quite Rife.
Death is Symbolic of Transformation;
A Way to Empower Your Life.

We Have Died Many Times,
Understanding Comes With Length.
That’s How We’ve Gained Some Wisdom,
That’s Where We’ve Gained Our Strength.

With Every Death, There is A Birth,
The Energy is Renewed.
So When A Soul Awakes,
It Learns From What It’s Accrued.

From the Moment of Our First Breath,
Our Final One is Sworn.
We Can Use This as Incentive,
Or Shrivel Up and Mourn.

Death Can Be Alluring,
For the Surety It Can Bring.
Sometimes It Sounds Enchanting,
Just Cutting All Those Strings.

For A Tree Must Be Pruned,
To Grow Strong and Deep.
The Storms of Life Will Determine,
What Blessings We are to Reap.

Death is Just Another Journey,
Which One Day We’ll All Partake.
But It’s Life That is So Daunting..
Which Roads Do We Forsake?

“You Haven’t Lived, Until You Die”;
A Summation of These Times.
We’re Only Here To Learn and Grow,
Pushing Forth New Paradigms.

So My Final Words to Death,
Won’t Be Weak and Pleading.
They’ll Be Grateful for This Time,
They’ll Be Open and Receiving.

When Death Takes Our Hand,
This Life’s Lessons are Done.
For He’s Only Here to Ferry Us,
To Our Next Journey Beyond.

(Written on April 23, 2017) -Evading Death is Evading Life.


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