The Intrinsic Escape

When I was Young,
I Always Felt a Need to Flee,
A Need to Escape,
To Leave this Reality.

I Would Go Within,
To Places Far and Wide,
Swim Through the Depths,
Look for Places to Hide.

This Worked for Some Time,
Then I Started to Grow,
I Looked for Other Ways to Escape,
Other Places to Go.

Then One Day,
While Playing Hide-n-Seek,
I Stumbled Across a Substance,
It was Familiar and Unique.

It Made Me Feel Light,
It Made Me Feel Numb,
I Had Found an Escape,
I Could Hear a Drum.

The Dopamine Rushed,
It Flooded my System,
But Little Did I Know,
I Was Forming an Addiction.

As the Years Went By,
It Remained My Crutch,
It Kept Calling Me Back,
I was Losing Touch.

I’d Come Out of a Daze,
At Times Nearly Dead.
Why Couldn’t I Stop?
Was I Fucked in the Head?

Then Cleopatra Came to Me,
She Locked Me in a Room,
She Tortured Me, and Said,
“You Can Never Leave this Tomb!”

It’s Been Seven Years Now,
Since That Last Day,
I’d Be Lying if I Told You,
“I’d Have it Any Other Way.”

I’m Lucky to be Alive,
This I’m Grateful For,
I Chose to Leave it Behind,
Still It Knocks at My Door.

(Written on April 17, 2017.) -Dealing with Childhood/Teenage Substance Abuse


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