These Karmic Ties

We’ve Come Together
In This Life,
To Resolve an Issue,
A Karmic Tie.

We’ve Been on This Loop,
For Many Years.
Now the Time has Come.
It’s Brought Us Here.

Yes, I Remember You,
We’ve Done This Before.
Let’s Get it Over With,
Let’s Shut the Door.

It Wasn’t as Smooth,
As I Thought it Would Be.
But that Doesn’t Matter,
We’ve All Agreed.

The Choice We’ve Made,
Will Impact a Life.
No Turning Back,
I Hope it’s Right.

I Only Came Here,
Because of Escrow.
Now Are We Done?
Is it Time to Go?

I Fulfilled My Duty,
It Won’t Be the Last.
But For Now,
I’m Getting Out Fast.

I’ve Learned Some Lessons,
I Won’t Deny.
That’s Why We Resolve,
These Karmic Ties.

Written on March 6, 2017. –Jury Duty.


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