Lucid Darkness

Evil has Webs,
Long and Frail.
It Slithers and Sneaks,
Under the Veil.

It Finds Easy Targets,
And Crawls Right In.
It Makes You Feel Justified,
In Letting it Flow Within.

But This is a Trick,
Clever and Cruel.
Without You,
It has No Power to Move.

You Feed the Energy,
Whether Light or Dark.
It Will Urge You to React,
But Will Drain You Stark.

People Will Bait You,
And Make You Feel You Should.
But Fighting Dark with Dark,
Creates more Evil than Good.

Evil has No Power,
Power Comes From Within.
It’s the Wolf You Feed,
That Decides in the End.



(Shining light into the darkness. Wrote December 30, 2016.)


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