Wisdom of Water

Birthed From The Stars,
Her Energy Does Flow.
Through Time and Space,
She Tells Us To Let Go.

Her Whispers Give Life,
To All Who Are Open.
As Gentle As A Stream,
If Only We Listen.

Her Energy Rests,
In Rivers and Creeks.
And Comes Alive,
As Waves, To Speak.

She’s a Shapeshifter,
Always Transforming.
She is The Reflection,
Our Own Inner Knowing.

She Sees What We Can’t,
Not Limited By Sight.
She Hasn’t Need For Eyes,
Her Intuition is Right.

The Pebbles Encourage Her,
The Boulders Do Challenge Her.
She Says Thank You to Both,
Their Lessons Are Powerful.

She Teaches Her Wisdom,
By Ebbing and Flowing.
She Says, “Highs And Lows,
Are Naturally Balancing”.

Sought For Her Healing,
Vibration is Key.
Speak Love To Her,
She’ll Put You At Ease.

She’s The Mother,
Nurturing Her Child.
She’s the Light of The Moon,
Protecting Us in the Wild.

She’s Everywhere We Go,
Through Our Blood, She Drifts.
Without Her Deep Flow,
You’d Cease To Exist.


(Wrote on December 23, 2016.)


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