White Wolf Reborn

In the Beginning, My Fur was White.
Then Age Crept In, My Fur Grew Darker.
It Went from White, to Grey, to Brown, to Black.
I Became An Eye in the Darkness, a Seer of Light.

I Hid from That Light, For a Long, Long Time.
Gained Insight and Knowledge, Witnessed Universal Plight.
One day I Woke Up, Something Needed to Change.
I Saw a World Dying, a World Fading Away.

Frightened and Scared, I Looked for the Answer.
Though Everywhere I looked, Few Seemed to Care.
To the Left They Shrugged, To the Right They Averted.
But I Knew the Answer Had to Come From Somewhere.

I Entered My Cave, Desperate and Alone.
A Darkness Swallowed Me, It Held Me Hostage.
Then Light Broke Through, Creating a Shadow.
I Took a Peak Backwards, But Saw a Monster.

I Ran and Ran, But It Stayed Right Behind Me.
My Spine Quivered, My Legs Faltered.
Closer and Closer, It Seemed to Get.
I Collapsed in the Dirt, I Could Run No Longer.

Feelings of Doom, An Inevitable Slaughter.
I Turned Around – I Surrendered.
But What I Saw, Was Not a Monster.
What I Saw, Was A Mirror.

I Approached This Mirror, Confused and Tired.
Looked Inside, And Found My Answer.
There I Stood, Whole and Complete.
The Light I Searched For, Always Within Me.

I Faced My Darkness, To Share My Light.
Found An Answer, To End Some Plight.
Listened to Spirit, To Build a Bridge.
A White Wolf Reborn, To Lead My Kindred.


(The Journey of my Soul. Wrote on December 16, 2016)


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