Candle In The Window

Four Souls..
Snatched in the Night.

Four Families..
Left without Light.

Four Lives Lost Their Shine..
Yet Four Candles Now Arise.

I See a Candle in the Window..
While a Dove Perches Nearby.

You were the First to Leave..
My Oldest Friend..
My Second Brother..
I Denied You’d Gone.
The Wounds’ Still Deep..
The Pain Still Heavy..
But a Heart Now Stronger..
Goodbye, My Brother.
You were the Second to Go..
My Brave, Brave Girl..
You Chose to Leave..
Which Hurt Me to the Core.
For a Very Long Time..
I Felt There was Something I Could’ve Done..
But I Realized in the End..
It Was Your Father That Called You Home.
You were the Third..
Unexpected and Sudden..
“Ride or Die”, You Always Said..
Then Our Circle Got Smaller.
We Pour You a Drink From Time to Time..
Never Forgetting You Up in the Sky..
And Now the Time Has Come..
To Live and Let Die.
You’re the Most Recent..
My Dear, Dear Friend..
Your Heart Played a Tune..
That was Beautiful Till the End.
I Remember the Old Days..
Just Me and the Boys..
My Most Precious Memories..
Always Barefoot.. Running Wild.

I See a Candle in the Window..
While a Dove Flys Out of Sight.


(This is in memory of Jonathan Surrette, Rebecca Williams, Joshua Munoz, and Steven Surrette. Four very good friends of mine that have passed away in these last few years. Wrote on December 14, 2016.)


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